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Every last callus, scar and spec of dirt is earned. No hand outs. Nothing easy in life is worth doing.

A hard days honest work let's a man ( and woman ) hold their head high at the end of the day, and allows them to pay their bills honestly.

Don't look down on those who toil for a living, for they have a sense of pride you will never know unless you've done it yourself.


You've neglected to give her your love all winter and she's wanting to be pampered.
To be shown a good time. But you're too busy. When you finally do have time,
you're too tired. She sits lonely. Frigid. Longing for days gone by.

Let us help get your relationship back to the way it once was -
you'd come home from a long hard day of working to a clean,
sparkling home that you were proud to invite your friends over
to on the weekends for a BBQ.

Lawn counseling sessions start at $40 and goes up from there -
depends on how bad you've let the relationship go.

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Chocolate makes you fat and goes straight to her thighs. Cut flowers, while beautiful, will wilt and die.

This year, capture her heart
By turning her lawn into a work of art ~
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