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Sooooooo - Good and bad just now.

Was cutting my own yard ( Yes, I let it get over grown, don't judge me. I cut everyone else's for money, I don't want to cut my own and not get paid lol ) and the deck just STOPPED. I began the usual cursing / screaming / hollering triad that comes with malfunctions on $6k pieces of equipment.

Thankfully, the belt had just come off and didn't break.

Also, thankful it was on my OWN property and not a customers.

Tired of battling your lawn? 
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Alright folks its starting to get warm out, which means a lot you don't want to fight the heat to get a good looking yard..

When the sizzling heat and filthy dirty work finally drives you to outsourcing the lawn care, you will be surprised by how affordable it actually is.

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