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Same amazing words from a man that has help guide us on journey through this thing called owner ship:


When you first start your small business.

You're flat broke and terrified.

You apologize to customers too often, beg them for work, act like a slave and let them take advantage of you.

You run to them at the-drop-of-a-hat and do anything for them.

After several years. You're STILL showing up to their million-dollar-mansions in a rusted out pick-up truck.

They LOVE it!!

They Can't Get Enough!

And... they love YOU! "So You Think".

You're the most popular guy on the block and you think you're really "gettin-it".

One-day, after your truck breaks-down the 3rd time in a month. You start to wake-up and realize that you need to raise the prices or literally go out of business.

So you raise all your prices, just a little.

Immediately these customers start dropping you on your head.

You're confused and scrambling because you don't think you can replace them.

You are heartbroken because you realize that
You've been looking for love in all the wrong places.

You realize that you've been duped.

Case & Point: Letting people walk all over you is what broke people do. If you're broke it's Because you're letting them walk on you.

"Trust me I've been there,
longer then I'd like to admit"

But if you are the the one who's sticking around.

You are co-creating the situation.

You are the one who's re-inforcing the pattern.

Did you know...

There's this thing called "Marketing"?
It makes your phone ring.
Have you heard of it?

Because If you knew that you could easily replace low-paying clients with high paying ones.

You wouldn't even sweat it.
You'd take a breath and brush it off.

As social as we are with our customers, making chatting and small talk, being personal and down to earth part of our package when people hire us ; did you know we have about 12 customers WE HAVE NEVER MET FACE TO FACE?

They found us over the Internet, hired us to maintain their property while they are out of town or never home for one reason or another and pay via PayPal or CC.

Just thought that was interesting.

Mowlitia - definition :

An organized group or cell of people who mow voluntarily and unpaid for those who need a helping hand. Usually it is elderly who cannot afford the help, widows or handicap folks.

The mowlitia targets their property with tactical precision and timing, usually done when the home owner is not present so they come home to a tidy lawn and don't know who done it.

In our local "cell" it is 4 or 5 lawn care providers who pitch in all at once to lessen the burden on one company alone, splitting it among the group.

I encourage other LCO's who have the extra time ( and resources ) to form your own mowlitia group locally.