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Didja know Dirty Deeds isn't our first business venture?


Pa had " Geek on Wheels " back in HS where he came to your house and fixed your computer for you in home. He learned a hard lesson that a business needs capital, credit and an infrastructure to function. It flopped.

Years later Pa was back at again, but with zeal and passion. Zombie - Cycles was then born. He decided to take the hobby of refurbishing old bicycles and selling them for 1/4th the cost of a brand new bicycle. Paquickly learned just because you are good at something and have a passion for it doesn't equal rolling in the cash. We ended up giving away over 50 bicycles to charity because there wasn't a market for recycled bicycles.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I want you to know to not give up. I'm now year 3 into my own ever expanding, humbly profitable business. I get to work with my wife and best friend, I meet new people all the time. I make ugly things beautiful and get paid for it.

3rd time was the charm. Don't give up. If you are hell bent on escaping the rat race of an hourly paid job like I was, keep that dream up.