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While you're out buying valentines for your wife or girlfriend, don't forget your lawn deserves some lovin', too!

Set up a blind date for your lawn' it won't forget.


Leaf mulching
Flower bed clean up & restoration
Gutter clean out service
Pressure washing service
Garden tilling
Mulch installations
Hedges cut
And of course mowing

Serving all of the 77662 area code
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Too many businesses have went "corporate" where the work they do and the relationship they have with their customers are impersonal.

We like to remind folks we live RIGHT HERE in the same community we serve, and are a true Mom & Pop family owned business.

In the event a customer is unhappy with our services, we have to look them in the eye at the grocery store and the Homecoming game, unlike the multi-Giant Conglomerate mowing companies that if you call with a grievance you are put on hold for 30 minutes and forced to leave a message to an unresponsive voice mail box.

We are beholden to you - the customer.

Every last callus, scar and spec of dirt is earned. No hand outs. Nothing easy in life is worth doing.

A hard days honest work let's a man ( and woman ) hold their head high at the end of the day, and allows them to pay their bills honestly.

Don't look down on those who toil for a living, for they have a sense of pride you will never know unless you've done it yourself.