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Oooooooooooh eeeeeeeeeee!

Ma and I just made our first big purchase for the company of 2017. And it is a GREAT one.

No more attempting to drag around our equipment behind a tired 35 yr old 4 cylinder truck. No sir eeee.

We got something with growl and ooooomph to pull our equipment with. Something we will be proud to slap our advertising on the side and back of.


Meet "Francistien" ( female Frankenstein ).

This mower is built from 5 different mowers, with the central mower being a John Deere we picked up from Kara Lewerenz ?.

Francistien is ugly, but looks are deceiving. The rear end has been replaced and geared much lower than stock, allowing it to go through thick brush with ease. 

The deck has been re-fabricated and reworked with the help of a local welder, as well as the engine replaced with something much more beefier than the stock engine.

When we have something THICK to brush hog, we bring Francistien along. I've seen this mower mow through thumb size tallow trees and never miss a lick.

Stay tune for the next blog on Meet our equipment when we introduce the smaller mowers. 

Meet Taz. 

This thing is TINY in size, but has plenty of power and attitude. When we have a small gate to get through at a customers place, we dispatch Taz to the task. 

Taz was bought through a swap of my KLR650 plus a little extra money. Both parties were happy with the exchange.

Stay tune for the next blog post of " Meet our equipment " when we introduce  "Francistien" ( female Frankenstein )