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Ma and I finally slowed down enough to winterize our equipment this weekend . Drained all the fuel from everything, running them completely dry as well as charging all the batteries.

As I shut the door on our garage, I beamed with pride.

Folks, this all started in March of 2016 with one cheap push mower and a Walmart fall apart weed wacker. Business began pouring in and we HAD to get a riding mower to keep up.

One turned into two.

Two turned into three. We saved, skrimped and bartered our way over the next two years until we had brand new, commercial grade equipment.

We now have OPTIONS when it comes to cutting customers yards. We have small mowers to cut in residential properties and small mowers for getting into gated residential homes, a larger zero turn to get the job done on acreaged homes, and a BEAST we have built from 5 different mowwrs we've dubbed " Francistein " capable of brush hogging two inch Tallow trees.

Big or small job, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has you covered.

Reflecting over the past 2 years -
Our biggest advertisement with greatest return on investment has been happy customers. Going above and beyond what we were asked to do, making people KNOW they got the biggest bang for thier buck.

Those happy folks told thier family, friends and neighbors through word of mouth and it took off.

Second most effective has been social media. Interaction with people and forcing myself to break through my comfort zone ( I'm a huge introvert ) has been intresting this year.

Now we are going to try to consolidate customers into areas this year rather than driving 40 miles in a day for 10 folks. We will begin knocking on doors ( Ma and I ) and hand out our door hangars. I figure for the small residential areas like Brooke Hallow and Wexford park we can offer a basic service at every other week starting at $40 each cut.

If we can get up to 8 or so homes in one subdivision, I can reduce costs to $35 a cut for people.

Win win for us as we are not pounding miles, and win win for the customer on price.

Winter may be super slow for Pa and I, but I keep reminding myself that 97% of those who quit are employed by the 3% that never gave up.

Spring will be here before you know it.

If your personal economy is better this year than years before, and you've never had lawn service before, I ask that you at least give us a chance to give you an estimate. It just may be more affordable than you think.

Imagine no longer having to get sweaty, dirty, filthy and waste time on your precious time off trying to take care of your lawn. No more having to fool with gasoline, with repairs and maintenance on your mowers and string trimmers.

This spring, remember to take back your weekend, and ask us for a free estimate!