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That time of year for the family to come visit for the holidays. 
Get your lawn in tip top shape before they come over!

You know that one family member that always has something to say about your place, kick that in the behind now. 

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We've had several cold fronts this past month and know that with their passing, grass has begun to go dormant. Our grass cutting services are no longer going to be needed as frequently during the winter months.

To those who have used our services or recommended us to your friends and family, THANK YOU. You've helped us go from a simple push mower and Wal-Mart Weed Wacker in the back of a rusty old truck to the thriving business we are today in a little under two years time. We couldn't have done this without you.

In an effort to stay busy this winter, We would like to remind folks we also provide other services besides simply cutting grass:

1.) Leaf, limb and fall cleanup services.
2.) Hedge and shrub trimming and pruning.
3.) Flower bed clean ups.
4.) Cement walk and driveway pressure washing.
5.) Pressuring washing your home.
6.) 1 story gutter clean outs.
7.) LOW limb tree pruning.
8.) Minor brush clearing.
9.) Minor honey do's.
10.) Garden tilling.

Once again, we cannot stress it enough : THANK YOU for being a customer or at least spreading the word of Dirty Deed's Landscaping & Lawncare

Ma & Pa Lee 
Dirty Deeds Landscaping & Lawn-care

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