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Alright, we are doing an over-haul of the website here soon so please stand by for some amazing changes :-)

Had two big clean ups today. These young men kicked tail. When they all turn 16, they will become a great asset for a full time employer.

My favorite ( rant ahead, sorry to bore you folks. Can't do it on my personal wall, as our marketing strategy is using FaceBook, and i'm friends with 90% of my customers ) -

Friday is payday for most people, and that is when we get about 80% of service requests for lawn care. Of that 80%, 60% of those want / expect same day, immediate service.

When you explain you can give them an estimate when you are in the area within the next 3 days, they get flustered and say " well I will just call someone else ".

Yea buddy. I'm going to:
Hook up a trailer to truck

Load trailer with $17,000 worth of equipment

Change clothes ( PPE )

Drive ( usually ) 12 miles one way

To cut your severely overgrown lawn for the $40 your waving at me.

People haven't a clue how a business operates.