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So excited for the GIE trip to Kentucky next week!

Get to see the latest and greatest technology in our field showcased over 50 acres as well as rub elbows with many of the titans of the industry. Get to hobnob with folks we've only ever met online.

Stoked! Will post tons of pics and videos

This season so far has been one heck of a ride! From too much to not enough rain there is never a happy middle here in South East Texas and the 77662 area. But on the bright side one more week and the family and I will be enjoying the lovely views of Kentucky. We can't wait for the 40 degree over night weather, its going to be so nice.....

The last month we have been planning our next big family get away. Come October we will be gone for an entire week exploring and demoing the latest best new equipment in the industry. Wish us luck as we drive from here all the way up to Kentucky. This is going to be awesome!!