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Ma and I will be overhauling our mowing trailer over the next month. Painting it green and pink, installing a lift assist ( getting too old and wore out to lift the gate 12 times a day ) as well as racks and storage compartments. Will be sure to document the before and afters :-) .


Will certainly be the most unforgettable trailer you see running around Vidor.

Just seen where two of the local lawn care guys have given up because of the winter slump and was selling all of their equipment and deleted their Facebook pages. I ask our friends to keep your ear to the ground for people asking around for a refferal on a lawncare provider. Please slip our name in when you can.

We are currently building our service route up for the upcoming season and are more than willing to absorb the customers who may be suddenly searching for lawncare after discovering their current guy has left the business.