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Ma and I finally slowed down enough to winterize our equipment this weekend . Drained all the fuel from everything, running them completely dry as well as charging all the batteries.

As I shut the door on our garage, I beamed with pride.

Folks, this all started in March of 2016 with one cheap push mower and a Walmart fall apart weed wacker. Business began pouring in and we HAD to get a riding mower to keep up.

One turned into two.

Two turned into three. We saved, skrimped and bartered our way over the next two years until we had brand new, commercial grade equipment.

We now have OPTIONS when it comes to cutting customers yards. We have small mowers to cut in residential properties and small mowers for getting into gated residential homes, a larger zero turn to get the job done on acreaged homes, and a BEAST we have built from 5 different mowwrs we've dubbed " Francistein " capable of brush hogging two inch Tallow trees.

Big or small job, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has you covered.