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Reflecting over the past 2 years -
Our biggest advertisement with greatest return on investment has been happy customers. Going above and beyond what we were asked to do, making people KNOW they got the biggest bang for thier buck.

Those happy folks told thier family, friends and neighbors through word of mouth and it took off.

Second most effective has been social media. Interaction with people and forcing myself to break through my comfort zone ( I'm a huge introvert ) has been intresting this year.

Now we are going to try to consolidate customers into areas this year rather than driving 40 miles in a day for 10 folks. We will begin knocking on doors ( Ma and I ) and hand out our door hangars. I figure for the small residential areas like Brooke Hallow and Wexford park we can offer a basic service at every other week starting at $40 each cut.

If we can get up to 8 or so homes in one subdivision, I can reduce costs to $35 a cut for people.

Win win for us as we are not pounding miles, and win win for the customer on price.