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Meet Taz. 

This thing is TINY in size, but has plenty of power and attitude. When we have a small gate to get through at a customers place, we dispatch Taz to the task. 

Taz was bought through a swap of my KLR650 plus a little extra money. Both parties were happy with the exchange.

Stay tune for the next blog post of " Meet our equipment " when we introduce  "Francistien" ( female Frankenstein )

Later this month Ma and I will begin going door to door in our town in the evening time knocking on doors and introducing ourselves.

We will be handing out cards and door hangars, letting people know that there is a lawn-care ran and operated by the same people who live in their communities.

If your one of our friends and followers of our page on FaceBook please introduce yourself with a huge handshake when we knock.

Going to order around 1,000 door hangars and expect to put them out ourselves, just the two of us. Door to door.

If you need a quote or two to get your home ready for the backyard bbq days let us know. :-)

This mower we have dubbed "Money Maker" 

We acquired this mower from one of our very first customers.. We had done several projects on her property for her such as tree trimming and mowing when I had spotted this mower under her 
carport. Money Maker was on 4 flats and covered in half an inch thick crust of filth.

We asked the customer about it and discovered it was parked due to an unknown repair issue. We worked out an agreement of services in exchange for us hauling it off, we then put our heads together and had it running in a weeks time after LOTS of tinkering, youtube watching and split knuckles. This mower has now become the top of the line in our fleet of mowers. 

Stay tuned for next week when we reveal the store behind the next tier in our mower fleet.