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We make every effort to contact our customers the Sunday prior to service, and then proceed with a follow up message the day prior to servicing thier lawn to arrange payment.

Most prefer to pay with cash, but we also accept credit cards, PayPal and take checks from select people all at an additional 10% processing charge for convenience.

While we have been flexible for some of our customers in the past and understand that sometimes they do not have the funds to pay for service until a little later in the week ( or other reasons ), the practice of allowing people to pay later is starting to hurt our buissness as more people begin abusing this system of payment.

It is costing us additional time, labor & fuel to back track to your home to pick up payment when we were already there the day prior. With one or two people doing this, it is no issue. This week we have had 5 (five) ask us to do this.

Because of this, Soon we will Institute an additional late payment fee of $5 in addition to your lawn service bill for late payment to help offset this cost.

We will begin issuing new service agreements to all customers starting August 1st when we service your lawn to reflect this change in policy.

Thank you for understanding,
Pa & Ma Lee
Dirty Deeds Landscaping & Lawncare