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Our whole family gets involved with the business.

When things are going strong in the summer, My wife handles the paperwork, phone calls, the estimates etc while I work at my full time job. After work we hop on the truck she's already loaded down with equipment and knock out the work together.

It works out pretty well.

My oldest daughter gets off the bus at 3:00 and I get home shortly after from work . She watches our toddler while the wife and I go and knock out lawn care of our customers. My wife's father is retired and lives with us in his own cabin on the back of our property. When we have a LARGE acreage to mow, we get his help and toss him on a mower so we can knock it out quicker.

In the summer, when the Texas heat is unbearable to the older folks, he watches our toddler while our older daughter works with us flinging a weed eater, picking up sticks and we just recently let her start riding on our ZT. Only 9 year old I know who has $250 hard earned dollars stuffed in her piggy bank.

Gives new meaning to " family owned and operated " .